StAG Meetings 2014


Date                          Agenda Meeting Report Minutes Author
16 December 2014 Agenda Lake Rotorua Rules Consultation Feedback Minutes Lucy Brake
    RDD decision on Feedack on Rules   Sarah Omundsen
    Conversion of Sector Targets   Alastair MacCormick
    Market Research Slides   Sandra Barns
    Nutrient Trading in the Rotorua Lakes Presentation   Robin Connor
    Rotorua Lakes- Nutrient Trading Report   Robin Connor
18 November 2014 Agenda Pastoral Land Use Opportunities Symposium Minutes Warren Webber
    Nitrogen Management Plan   Sarah Omundsen
22 October 2014 Agenda Information to allocate the NDA- draft paper to Council Minutes Sarah Omundsen
    Starting Points and Allocation Information   Sarah Omundsen
    Change in Rotorua dairy farm N loss since 2001/04   Lee Matheson
    2014 Rotorua Economic Impacts for Rotorua N Reduction   Sandra Barns
16 September 2014 Agenda Reaching the 2022 Target- Rule Options Minutes Lisa Power
    Lake Rotorua Incenctives Board Position Description    
19 August 2014 Agenda The Rotorua P-Project Minutes John Patterson
15 July 2014 Agenda Section 32 Process Outline Minutes Sarah Omundsen
    How has the policy on Rotorua nitrogen allocation evolved?   Sarah Omundsen
    Rotorua Bioeconomic Modelling Project   Oliver Parsons
    Rules Info Pack Brochure   Various
    Evaluating Forestry as a Land Use Opportunity   Warren Webber/Graham West
19 June 2014 Agenda Consultation on draft rules_proposed schedule Minutes Ingrid Tiriana
    Rotorua Lakes - Considering Nutrient trading   Robin Connor
    Section 32- Costs, Benefits, and Alternatives   Oliver Parsons
    Incentives Timeframe Update   Stephen Lamb
22 May 2014 Agenda   Minutes  
10 April 2014 Agenda Update on Draft Rules Minutes Lisa Power
    StAG Key Decisions Steps   Sarah Omundsen
    Using Overseer iwithin Rules for the Lake Rotorua Catchment   Simon Park
    Grow Rotorua Presentation   Francis Pauwels
11 March 2014 Agenda Draft Rules Development for the Lake Rotorua Catchment Minutes  
11 February 2014 Agenda NDA Impact Analysis Minutes