StAG Meetings 2012/2013


Date                              Agenda Meeting Report Minutes Author
6 November  2012 Agenda Timeframes for Rules, Incentives and StAG Minutes  
3 December 2012 Agenda Nutrient Allocation Handout Minutes  
29 January 2013 Workshop Allocation Presentation Minutes Lisa Power
29 January 2013   Sustainable Load Allocations   Warren Webber
14 February 2013 Agenda TDR Extract from Proposed District Plan Minutes Paul Skinner
    TDR Workshop Notes   Paul Skinner
19 March 2013 Agenda Assessment of Allocation Approaches Minutes  
    Allocation Approaches presentation   Sarah Omundsen
    Assessing Allocation options   Suzie Greenhalgh
16 April 2013 Agenda Rotorua Incentives Draft Principles Minutes Anna Grayling
    Farmer Solutions Project report (Dec 2012)   Perrin Ag Consultants
    FSP Farmer Feedback Summary   Perrin Ag Consultants
    FSP Supplementary paper (Mar 2013)   Perrin Ag Consultants
13 May 2013 Agenda Principles of Incentives Minutes Lisa Powers
    Motu presentation   Levente Timar
    Background for Allocation Analysis   Sarah Omundsen
18 June 2013 Agenda Policy Advice in Allocating Nitrogen in Rotorua Catchment Minutes  
    Allocation and Incentive Model   Don Atkinson
    Summary DRAFT of Incentive Scheme   Karen Parcell
    Summary of Incentive Scheme   Karen Parcell
11 July 2013   Collective N Policy    
  Agenda Draft Incentives Framework paper Minutes Anna Grayling
    A clean lake and viable farms   PP Collective
13 August 2013 Agenda DRAFT StAG Position Paper Rules and Incentives Minutes  
    StAG Position paper - Allocation Rules and Incentives FINAL   StAG
    A farmer's perspective - Memo SPP 17 September 2013   Warren Webber
23 September 2013 Agenda Small Holdings in the Rotorua Catchment Minutes  
    Draft Incentives Scheme Framework (September 2013)   BOPRC
    Incentives Scheme Policy presentation   Anna Grayling
    Key pieces of work for rules to March 2014 for StAG   Sarah Omundsen
17 October 2013   Lake Rotorua Incentives Scheme Policy - Final paper   Anna Grayling
22 October 2013 Agenda Dairy and Drystock Sector Areas Minutes  
    Consideration of a Dairy Support NDA    
    Presentation A_Sector_Definition   Warren Webber
    Gorse Implementation Plan presentation   Greg Corbett
October 2013   OPUS report - Options for managing gorse for water quality purposes (Sep 2012)   OPUS
November 2013   RPS mediation report - Analysis of Lake Rotorua water quality trends 2001-2012: ERI report 010(Dec 2012)   UoW and DairyNZ
18 November 2013 Agenda Consideration of a Dairy Support in the Allocation of an NDA Minutes  
    Review of Dairy Support NDA Allocation    
    Square farm NDA scenarios   Sarah Omundsen
    RMA Rules - A Summary of Activity Classes 101 (Lisa Power)   John Whale
17 December 2013 Agenda   Minutes