Nutrient Management Plan and OverseerFM

Nutrient Management Plan documents

The intent of the nutrient management plan is to outline a pathway for the farm to meet its nitrogen discharge allocation and to identify areas on farm to align with industry good management practices to reduce the risk of N and P losses from farm. For most farms the nutrient management plan will support a resource consent application required to farm under Plan Change 10.

Nutrient Management Plan template >40ha

Nutrient Management Plan template 10-40ha

Nutrient Management Plan template 5-10ha simplified

Nutrient Management Plan User Guide

Subdivision can be a pathway included in the NMP.  To assist with the assessment of N loss associated with subdivision as a land use change two calculators have been developed. One is for land that was zoned rural and is being rezoned residential (and involves reticulation). The other is when the land will still be considered as being rural land use, whether reticulation is available or not. Please be sure NDA reports and the calculator are using the same version of Overseer, generally that will be the latest available version of the Overseer model.

Rotorua Lakes Council receive applications for subdivision – please contact them direct for subdivision application queries on 07-348 4199 . Be sure to include a copy of the calculator in any application.

Rural to Rural Landuse Change Calculator (Excel)

Rural to Urban Landuse Change Calculator (Excel)

Previously Overseer used to release best practice data input standards (BPDIS), and more recently a user guide, for standardising completion of Overseer analyses. Bay of Plenty Regional Council has set out the input protocols to be used for implementing Lake Rotorua Nutrient Management Proposed Plan Change 10 and monitoring properties under Rule 11. Overseer now provide a knowledgebase within the software that incorporate BPDIS. Councils input protocols are based on the latest OverseerFM knowledgebase and enable a more consistent approach between properties across the Lake Rotorua catchment operating under a nutrient restriction.

Overseer will update these standards as new versions of OverseerFM are released and Bay of Plenty Regional Council will update its data input protocols accordingly.

For more information about Overseer visit their website.

What happens with future Overseer change?

As Overseer continues to improve and incorporate new research into the model, the reference file outputs will change. This table shows the outputs of the reference files in the current version of Overseer and will be updated as Overseer versions are updated.

OverseerFM version 6.5.5 data input protocols for Lake Rotorua catchments.