Lake Tikitapu


Lake Tikitapu

Lake Tikitapu holds a special place in the community’s heart, and is enjoyed year-round by locals and tourists for swimming, boating, water-skiing, jet-skiing, biking and fishing.

The small, circular lake is famous for its striking blue colour, a result of rhyolite and pumice on the lake bed. With a large reserve area boasting playground and barbeque facilities, toilets, parking, water slides and easy walking tracks, it’s easy to see why the ‘Blue Lake’ is one of Rotorua’s most popular natural destinations.

Framed by stunning native bush and sitting adjacent to the Green Lake (Lake Rotokakahi), Lake Tikitapu is great for trout fishing and is also a popular spot for triathlons and other sporting events.

Like Rotorua’s other lakes, Lake Tikitapu is steeped in Māori history. It’s believed the daughter of a high-born chief was bathing in the lake’s crystal waters and wore the tikitapu (sacred greenstone neck ornament). The piece dislodged itself while she swam, and the blue waters of the lake are believed to still be hiding the tikitapu.

The quality of Lake Tikitapu’s water is important to this community, as it contributes to a collective sense of pride, place, mana and culture. The Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Rotorua Lakes Council and Te Arawa Lakes Trust are working together to ensure strategic direction and coordinated planning for Lake Tikitapu and its future.

Current Lakes Closures / Events

APR 6 - XTERRA-Barefoot Sport NZ Ltd

Sat 06 April 2024


XTERRA (off road Triathlon) - Barefoot Sport NZ Ltd

Time / Closure Details

0645 - 1300 hours Sat

Areas Remaining Open (for passive use ONLY)

South Western, North Eastern, and South Eastern Passive areas

Map showing Closed and Open Areas  (JPG 2Mb) 




APR 7 Aotearoa Dive Clean up

Sunday 7 April 2024

Event / Who

Dive Clean Up / Aotearoa Dive


Lake Usage ONLY -
Area: Clean up Shore Line and underwater

Main beach and Southern End MAP pdf, 608Kb


  • 1000 - 1500 hours 
  • 100 pax 

Confirmed Booking 

APR 27-28 Waterski Competiion Rotorua Wake & Ski Club

Saturday 27-Sunday 28 April 2024


Rotorua Wake & Ski Club
Lake Tikitapu Water Ski Tournament

Time / Closure Details

0600 hours Saturday - 1800 hours Sunday

Areas remaining open (for passive use ONLY)

Western, and North Eastern Passive Areas

Map showing Closed and Open areas (Jpeg 222Kb)



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