The Incentives Scheme

We’re calling for expressions of interest from all landowners – big or small – who may be interested in converting some of their land use.

A $40 million fund has been set up to ‘buy’ nitrogen off landowners who want to permanently lower their nitrogen discharge, with the aim of buying 100 tonnes of nitrogen by 2022. We’re calling it ‘The Incentives Scheme,’ and it’s an important part of our wider strategy to preserve Lake Rotorua.

So, if you’re a landowner in the Lake Rotorua catchment with nitrogen to sell, you can now apply for a share of the $40 million on offer.

How it works

The Incentives Scheme is an easy process - here’s how it works:

  • The scheme is a voluntary, private negotiation between landowner and a negotiator representing a decision-making committee.
  • Bay of Plenty Regional Council funds the farm consultants who will ascertain whether you’ve got nitrogen to sell (you can choose your own consultant).
  • We complete the paperwork and provide it to you with written documentation. We also recommend you liaise with your lawyer.
  • Once you’re happy with the agreement, you sign, make any necessary land use changes and we put the money in your bank account.

Who can apply

Any landowner within the Rotorua catchment who has nitrogen to sell is eligible to apply - no block is too big or too small.

We’re ready and waiting to negotiate purchasing nitrogen, so if you have nitrogen to sell (or you’re not sure how you might be able to benefit), have a chat to your Bay of Plenty Regional Council Land Management Officer or phone Rotorua Catchments Advisor Jude Pani on 027 456 1504.

For more information on The Incentives Scheme and the Lake Rotorua Incentives Committee head to

It's important to understand the rules

it’s important to understand the rules

If you own rural land in the Rotorua catchment, it’s important to understand the rules as well as how you can benefit from both the gorse and incentive funds. Please phone your local Bay of Plenty Regional Council Land Management Officer for a chat on 07 921 3377.


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