Lake Rotorua

Lake Rotorua 

With the city of Rotorua on its shores, Lake Rotorua is loved by locals and tourists alike. Surrounded by lush farmland, native bush and steaming geothermal springs and vents, the lake has a distinct dark green-yellow colour due to its high content of sulphur and other volcanic minerals. A fan of trout fishing? You’re in for a treat – Lake Rotorua is considered the most productive trout fishery in New Zealand.

Lake Rotorua is the largest lake in the district. Although beautiful and peaceful, this lake has a violent history – it was one of several large volcanoes in the region and was formed when an underlying magma chamber collapsed after a massive eruption around 200,000 years ago.




Mokoia Island, which sits in the centre of Lake Rotorua, is the most famous lake island in the country and linked to the love story of Hinemoa and Tutanekai. It tells the tale of young chief Tutanekai and his high-born love, Hinemoa, whose family forbade her from marrying him. To stop the young lovers meeting, the family beach the couple’s waka (canoe) but in answer, Tutanekai plays his flute, the music wafting across Lake Rotorua every night. Overcome with love, Hinemoa swims to him, buoyed by gourds, only to find Tutanekai has returned to his whare (house) to sleep. Arriving at Mokoia Island naked, she’s unable to enter the village, so she immerses herself in a hot pool. Tutanekai’s slave arrives and Hinemoa lures him, smashes his gourd and sends him back to his master. An enraged Tutanekai investigates, only to fall into Hinemoa’s embrace.

Today, Mokoia Island is a sanctuary for endangered birds and wildlife.

Current Lakes Closures / Events

27-28 March 2021 Jet Ski Racing AJSRA ROTORUA Hannahs Bay

Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 March 2021

Event / Who

Jetski Racing - Summer Series  / AJSRA (Auckland Jetski Racing Assn)


1030 hrs - 1200 hours  Sat 27th    Set Up ONLY
0930 hrs - 1630 hours  Sun 28th   EVENT


Based at Hannahs Bay, Lake Rotorua

Map showing closure area (jpg 352Kb)


Confirmed Booking

3-4 Apr 2021 National Regatta Young Mariners ROTORUA Hannahs Bay

3-4 April 2021

Event / Who

National Regatta / Young Marimers 


0900 - 1700 hours both days 

Lake USAGE only  No Closure


Sailing/Rowing Regatta

Confirmed Booking

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