Lake Rotomahana


Lake Rotomahana

Lake Rotomahana is the deepest of the Rotorua lakes and was the site of the geothermal Pink and White Terraces, once considered the eighth natural wonder of the world (and New Zealand's most famous tourist attraction).

Prior to the 1886 Tarawera eruption, the lake comprised two smaller lakes - Lake Rotomahana (warm lake) and Lake Makariri (cold lake). After the eruption, Lake Rotomahana exploded to 20 times its size and the terraces were destroyed.

Today, there’s a tourist cruise running several times each day, which is the closest visitors will get to the graveyard of the terraces. The lake is also very popular among anglers, as it boasts the purest strain of rainbow trout in the world.

Lake Rotomahana shores are abundant with natural marvels, including the world’s largest hot water spring. The lake is one of the newest eco-systems in the world and its flora and fauna are protected as a scenic reserve and wildlife refuge. A huge population of black swans inhabit the lake, but the hunting of birds is prohibited.

There are currently no planned actions for Lake Rotomahana. We’ll continue to monitor the lake’s water quality and if anything changes, an action plan will be developed in consultation with the community.

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