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Rotoiti Catfish Update
22 April 2016
Netting this week has focused on lowering catfish numbers in Te Weta Bay and Okere arm in Lake Rotoiti. A further 66 catfish were caught in Te Weta Bay, no further captures in Okere Arm. The University of Waikato electric fishing boat has also been operating this week – no catfish have been found so far in Lake Rotorua.  Netting in the north-western bay of Lake Rotoiti will continue next...
Rotoiti Catfish Update
15 April 2016
We’ve now completed catfish surveys in Lake Rotoiti, with no catfish found outside Te Weta and Okere Bays.  Next week’s netting work will focus on further removal of catfish from Te Weta and Okere Bays, and re-checking Otaramarae. Weather-permitting, the electric fishing boat will continue survey work in Lake Rotorua next week. If weather is marginal, it will be used to assist with catfish removal work in Lake...
Rotoiti Catfish Update
8 April 2016
Catfish surveys have continued this week with fyke netting in the western end of Lake Rotoiti now complete.  Nets were set along the Lake Rotoiti shoreline from Te Weta Bay through to Otaramarae, and from Okawa Bay along to Okahutoroa Bay with no further catfish being caught. The University of Waikato’s electric fishing boat was also deployed in the Ōhau Channel this week and along the south-eastern shoreline of Lake Rotorua, with...
Rotoiti Catfish Update
1 April 2016
In response to the discovery of a catfish in Te Weta Bay, Lake Rotoiti on 16 March, our biosecurity staff commenced targeted survey work in Lake Rotoiti to identify how widespread catfish are likely to be. Results from Te Weta Bay have identified 52 catfish, predominantly juveniles of less than 150mm. These were caught from 21 nets set at Te Weta Bay. One juvenile catfish was caught at Okere Inlet. No catfish have been found in Okawa...

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