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Lake quality results highlight action needed
11 September 2015
Water quality in many of the Rotorua-Te Arawa lakes has declined slightly over the past year, according to latest annual monitoring results, highlighting the importance of long-term sustainable water quality solutions. The Trophic Level Index (TLI) for the lakes is measured annually and provides a measure of lake water quality. TLIs are calculated using four separate water quality measurements – total nitrogen, total phosphorous, water...
Taupo Lakes and Waterways Event 7th October
10 September 2015
AgResearch scientist Dr Stewart Ledgard is presenting at Taupo advocacy group Lakes and Waterways’ public event October 7th on ‘Environmental Impacts of Farm System Options from Pasture to Plate’ Dr Ledgard’s research is part of a ‘Green Growth’ study exploring specific attributes of New Zealand primary produce contributing to their provenance and perception both locally and internationally. The study...

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