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Rules to protect Lake Rotorua formally notified
16 August 2017
Tuesday 15 August marks the formal notification date of Proposed Plan Change 10 after Bay of Plenty Regional Council unanimously adopted an Independent Hearing Panel’s recommendations at its Regional Direction and Delivery Committee meeting on 2 August 2017. Regional Council Chair Doug Leeder says formal notification of the decisions is the next step in the RMA process. “Submitters on Plan Change 10 have been publicly notified and...
Plan Change 10 a landmark decision for Lake Rotorua
2 August 2017
In what has been described as a landmark decision for the future of Lake Rotorua, new rural land use rules will be notified on 15 August, 2017 after Bay of Plenty Regional Council today unanimously voted to accept a report and recommendations from the Independent Hearing Panel relating to Plan Change 10. Plan Change 10 introduces rules for rural properties in the Lake Rotorua catchment, to limit the amount of nitrogen entering the lake from...

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