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Rotoiti Catfish Update
24 March 2016
In response to the discovery of a catfish in Lake Rotoiti last week, our biosecurity staff will be working in the lake next week (as weather allows) to identify whether a breeding population of catfish is present and if so, how widespread the problem is. With assistance from University of Waikato, we’ll be using fyke nets and an electric fishing boat to locate and remove any catfish that can be found. We’ll be starting with Te Weta...
Health warning issued for Lake Rotoehu
18 March 2016
Toi Te Ora has issued a health warning for Lake Rotoehu. Health warning issued for Lake Rotoehu 18 March 2016 A health warning has been issued for Lake Rotoehu as routine monitoring results provided by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council have confirmed a bloom of potentially toxic blue-green algae. “The health warning means that people should avoid any activity which results in significant contact with the lake...
Pest fish found in Lake Rotoiti
Pest fish found in Lake Rotoiti
18 March 2016
One catfish was caught and a second one seen during weed harvester work at Te Weta Bay, Lake Rotoiti last Wednesday. The caught catfish is 26cm long and thought to be a pest species known as brown bullhead catfish (Ameiurus nebulosus).   Bay of Plenty Regional Council Biosecurity Manager Greg Corbett said that the pest find is very disappointing. “Catfish have become widespread in Waikato waterways, including Lake Taupō....

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