Lake Tikitapu

Lake Tikitapu

Lake Tikitapu

In ancient times, the daughter of a high born chief was bathing in its crystal waters and wore the Tikitapu (sacred greenstone neck ornament). The piece dislodged itself while she swam and the blue waters of the lake are believed to still be hiding the tikitapu.

Lake Tikitapu is a small, circular lake framed by pretty native bush and forestry. Famous for its striking colour, it is commonly known as the Blue Lake and is adjacent to the slategreen coloured "Green Lake" / Lake Rotokakahi. With a water slide and an easy walking track around the lake, it is a popular location for family outings.

At a glance  
Lake size: 150 ha
Catchment area:  570 ha
Elevation: 415 m
Average depth: 18 m
Deepest point: 27.5 m
Formed: 13,500 years ago
No surface outlet but probably drains via groundwater to Lake Rotokakahi  









Water Quality Status

All actions in the Action Plan have been completed for Lake Tikitapu.  The lake almost reached its target in 2013 and continued the trend of improving water quality.

Catchment Map

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Target and Results

To meet community expectations for Lake Tikitapu nitrogen inputs need to reduce by 800 kilograms and phosphorus by 30 kilograms.

Water Quality target 


2017 result


2016 result









Nutrient information




Total load 

2.5 Tonnes 

125 Kilograms 


1.7 Tonnes

95 Kilograms

Actions and achievements

Sewerage reticulation has provided the necessary nutrient reductions for Lake Tikitapu.

Action Target Achieved as at June 2013 Status
Sewerage reticulation

700 kg N

70 kg P

700 kg N

70 kg P

Sewerage reticulation was completed in October 2010.

Action Plan

Lake Action Plans direct what steps need to be taken to improve lake water quality to meet communitys' expectations.

Read Lake Tikitapu Action Plan

Science Research

Research Institute

Report overview


University of Waikato

A water quality model for Lake Tikitapu

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