Symposium to explore innovative ways to reduce nitrogen

Symposium to explore innovative ways to reduce nitrogen

19 May 2015

Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Grow Rotorua are hosting a free symposium in June to explore economic and environmentally sustainable farming, and business opportunities for land use change in the Lake Rotorua catchment.

Regional Council Rotorua Catchments Manager Helen Creagh said the symposium was a way to support landowners who will be affected by new nitrogen rules designed to improve water quality in Lake Rotorua.

“We (Regional Council) want to provide a forum where we can talk about ways to reduce nitrogen discharge and also the support services that we have available for landowners,” she said.

Speakers will come from across New Zealand from different farming backgrounds and industries.

“While we encourage speakers to present innovative ideas we want to ensure that what they are presenting is credible and has been approved by Land TAG,” Ms Creagh said. Speakers have submitted abstracts on what they would be presenting to the Regional Council’s Land Technical Advisory Group (Land TAG), the independent advisors who provide expertise on land-based nutrient management solutions.

Grow Rotorua proposed the idea for a Symposium late last year to the Lake Rotorua Stakeholders Advisory Group and Regional Council, and Commercial Technology Manager Mark Smith says he is excited that it will come to fruition.

“It is great to have all parties on board, as well as support from Dairy NZ, Beef+Lamb NZ and Scion. It shows a united commitment to the sustainable growth and economic development for Rotorua as well as keeping the best interests of our lakes in mind,” he said. “Grow Rotorua has been keenly interested in understanding land use change options that deliver the necessary economic and environmental benefits to land owners in the catchment.”

The free symposium will be held at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre on 16 and 17 June.