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Lake Rotorua

Stocking Rate Table

If you have a property/farming enterprise greater than 5 hectares in total area and up to and including 10 hectares of effective area*  you should use this stocking table as a quick check. If you comply with the stocking rates, no further action is required and you will not need to apply for a resource consent. 

If you do not comply at any point in the year then you may still be considered a permitted activity particularly if you who exceed the stocking rates for a small period during the year. In these cases an OVERSEER® file will need to be provided that show low intensity land use.

If you are unable to show that the land use is low intensity then it will be considered a controlled activity and require resource consent from 1 July 2022.

*Effective area is the area of your property that is grazed or cultivated. It does NOT include the area in trees, bush, houses, driveways and unproductive land.

How have these rates been calculated?

These stocking rates have been calculated using the OVERSEER® nutrient model (version 6.2.0). This is based on a nitrogen leaching rate of about 18 kg of Nitrogen per hectare per year. 




Methodology for creation of NDA reference files and stocking rate table.

Lee Matheson - Perrin Ag Consultants

This paper shows how the permitted activity stocking rates were derived.


Examples to help interpret table

Example 1 using column 2

Jane owns a property that is 5 hectares in area. Jane wants to raise Llamas (7.7 llamas per hectare). How many llamas can Jane have on her property to be considered low intensity land use, permitted activity and NOT require a resource consent? Jane can have 38 llamas on her property.

Example 2 using column 3 (hectares of land per animal):

Jim has 2 ponies (0.48+0.48) , 1 beef bull (0.68) and 5 Sheep (0.07+0.07+0.07+0.07+0.07) 1-2 years age, how much land must Jim own to be considered low intensity land use, permitted activity and NOT require a resource consent? Jim will need 1.99 hectares of land.