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Rule 11

Rule 11 is a rule in the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Water and Land Plan which helps protect the water quality in Lake Rotorua, Rotoiti, Rotoehu, Okaro and Okareka by limiting the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus that comes from land around these lakes.

Rule 11 sets a limit based on each property’s nutrients levels between 2001-2004.  This rule does not improve water quality, but it ensures that no more nutrients can enter lake.

What Rule 11 means:

  • Rule 11 puts limits on the amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus that can come from each property over 4,000 m2 in the lake catchments
  • The Rule 11 limit is called a ‘nutrient benchmark’ and is based on each property’s land use between 1 July 2001 and 30 June 2004
  • The nutrient benchmark levels affect what can be done on the land, especially the type and intensity of farming
  • New owners of Rule 11 properties must also comply with the nutrient benchmark
  • If a Rule 11 property is subdivided, the nutrient benchmark is divided across the new land titles, and each new owner is responsible for their individual benchmarks.
  • Any land-use change on a property must is limited to the property's nutrient benchmark.  If there is any increase in the loss of nutrients over the benchmark level it needs to be fully offset within the same lake catchment.

For more information please read the Rule 11 Fact Sheet.