Land use and land management change

The way we use the land has an impact on the amount of nutrients entering the lakes. 

Lakeside communities

We can reduce the effect that land-based activities have in lake-side communities by:

  • Reticulation of lake-side communities
  • Regular septic tank maintenance for communities not reticulated.

Land management practices

Nutrients entering the lake can be reduced on rural or farming land by careful land management.  The following actions can be done to minimise the effect on water quality:

  • Riparian Protection
  • Protection Fences
  • Constructed wetlands for erosion control
  • Runoff management on pastures
  • Detention dams and drop structures
  • Efficient fertiliser use
  • Exotic tree species for erosion control and biodiversity value
  • Land-use change

Bay of Plenty Regional Council's Land Management Team can help you reduce the nutrients from your land.  Please call 0800 884 880 for advice on what you can do help protect Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes.

Case studies

The Rerewhakaaitu farmers are helping to protect the waterways and lake water quality through good farming practices. Find out more.