Lake Rotorua

Lake Rotorua

Help for landowners

The nitrogen reductions needed from rural land are large and challenging. 

Support and advice will be provided to help landowners achieve the 270 tonne nitrogen reduction needed:

  • We will help landowners understand how they will be affected by the proposed rules
  • We will provide advice to help landowners reach their nitrogen limit
  • A dedicated phone line has been set up for landowners, 07 921 3377

Industry initiatives are also being developed to help support their members.

Financial support and initiatives

Programme funding has been approved for:

  • $2.2 million has been allocated to the Land Use Advice & Support service. This service provides funding to assist landowners to produce Nitrogen Management Plans for their properties and also funding for Business Plans for alternative land use. To access the Advice & Support please contact the Regional Council on 0800 884 880 or email
  • $3.3 million has been set aside to look in to research and trialling of applied low nitrogen land use solutions in the Lake Rotorua catchment.
  • $40 million for the Lake Rotorua Incentives Board to purchase 100 tonnes of nitrogen from landowners who have met their NDA and have nitrogen available to sell.
  • $2.5 million to help landowners convert gorse to forestry or native bush (or low N leaching activities).

The programme cost will be shared between the community and landowners.  The community is contributing $48 million, funded equally by Bay of Plenty Regional Council and the Crown.  Landowners are contributing by making on-farm reductions in nitrogen discharges which can reduce farm profits and land values.