Health warning for Ohau Channel

Health warning for Ohau Channel

3 March 2022

A health warning has been issued for Ohau Channel, the channel that links Lake Rotoiti and Lake Rotorua. Routine water test results provided by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council have confirmed the presence of blue-green algal blooms which are potentially toxic.

“The health warning means that people should avoid any activity which results in contact with the water in the channel,” says Dr Lynne Lane, Medical Officer of Health for Toi Te Ora Public Health.

Contact with water affected by blooms of blue-green algae can cause asthma and hayfever attacks in some individuals. Contact with the blue-green algae can also cause skin rashes, stomach upsets, and in some cases neurological effects such as tingling around the mouth, headaches, breathing difficulties and visual problems.
Signage will be erected at the Ohau Channel advising potential channel users about the algal bloom.

The health warning issued last December for Okawa Bay at the western end of Lake Rotoiti remains in place.
“Algal blooms can develop rapidly and unpredictably and can sometimes produce toxins that are harmful for people as well as animals. If the water looks discoloured, has an unusual smell, or has green or brown particles floating in it then it is best to avoid contact with it,” says Dr Lane.