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NEWSHUB: Fears of catfish infestation in Bay of Plenty
18 November 2017
Report from Gemma Coombe, Newshub Click here to view video   A year-and-a-half after catfish were first discovered in Lake Rotoiti in the Bay of Plenty there's evidence to suggest the population is exploding. If the pest species establishes a stronghold in the region, it could spell the end of the local trout fishing industry. The discovery of just one baby catfish near Lake Rotoiti 20 years ago sent...
New Bay of Plenty Regional Council Chair in lake and freshwater science
13 November 2017
The University of Waikato has appointed a new Bay of Plenty Regional Council Chair in Lake and Freshwater Science. He’s Dr Troy Baisden, who will take up the professorship on 14 November, leaving his current position at GNS Science. “My particular interest is to provide New Zealand with the ‘big-picture’ understanding required to manage our most important environmental issues, with a focus on water quality, climate...
Health warning extended for Lake Rotoehu, while new warning issued for Lake Okaro
9 November 2017
The health warning issued by the Medical Officer of Health last month for Otautu Bay has now been extended to include all of Lake Rotoehu.  The public are also advised that Lake Okaro, near Rotorua, is unsafe with an algal bloom.  Routine monitoring conducted by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council has confirmed blooms of potentially toxic blue-green algae at both locations. “These health warnings mean that people should...

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