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Toitu te whenua. Toitu te wai. Toitu te tangata.

“As the wellbeing of the land and the water remain, so remains the wellbeing of the people.”

A $40 million Lake Rotorua Incentives Scheme has been established to permanently remove 100 tonnes of nitrogen from entering the lake. The scheme is governed by a committee of the Regional Council and have until 2022 to achieve the 100 tonne nitrogen reduction.

The Incentives Scheme is available for landowners who want to permanently reduce their nitrogen losses below their Nitrogen Discharge Allowance (NDA).

The programme enables landowners to “sell” on a willing buyer/willing seller basis some or most of their property’s NDA to permanently remove this nitrogen from the catchment.

How does it work?

Involvement in the Incentives Scheme is voluntary.  For most landowners participating in the Incentives Scheme it is likely to mean changing the type of activity on part or all of their land.  For example converting pasture to forestry or changing to some other low nitrogen loss land use.

Selling nitrogen allowances to the Incentives Committee is about permanent reductions.  Landowners will sign an agreement which includes:

  • A deed that survives in perpetuity
  • Records the land use change; and
  • Secures the nitrogen reductions.

The implementation of the Incentives Scheme will be guided by the Lake Rotorua Incentive Scheme Policy July 2014.

To express your interest in the Incentives Scheme call 07 347 6792 or 027 921 4266 or email

For more information, visit the Lake Rotorua Incentives Scheme website.