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Booking a lake for an event

The Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes can be booked for events. Some events will need a full lake closure while other events may only need a partial lake closure, or no closure at all.

If you are interested in holding an event on the Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes please contact the Lake Maritime Team on 0800 884 880 for more information or complete the relevant application form below.


Type of Event Form
Event requiring full or partial lake closure Aquatic Event Application Form
Event where lake closure is not required Lake and Harbour Usage Form



All applications require a map defining the lake area required for the event.  To download a map to attach to your application please click on the lake name or area.

For more information please read the Rotorua Lake Closures Guidelines 2011.


Description Size Type
Lake Okareka 2.92MB pdf
Lake Rotorua 510KB pdf
Beaumont Road 409KB pdf
Rotorua Lakefront 373KB pdf
Hannahs Bay 476KB pdf
Hamurana 330KB pdf
Lake Rotoma 3.25MB pdf
Matahi Spit 1.76MB pdf
Lake Rotoiti 874KB pdf
Lake Rotoehu 1.65MB pdf
Blue Lake / Tikitapu 2.63MB pdf
Lake Okataina 1.7KB pdf
Lake Tarawera 783KB pdf