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Proposed Plan Change 10 to the Regional Water and Land Plan will mean that some rural landowners in the Lake Rotorua catchment may need to change what they do

What is Land use Advice and Support service?

The Land Use Advice and Support service assists landowners to meet the requirements under Proposed Plan Change 10. 

The $2.2 million-funded service has contracted seven independent firms as Land Use Advisors who will work alongside landowners to determine the current state of nitrogen leaching from the property and if required develop a Nitrogen Management Plan. A level of business support may also be available for landowners who need to undertake major changes to their farm system.

To access the advice and support please contact the Regional Council on 07 921 3377 or email

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Question Answer

How do I find out what my Nitrogen Discharge Allowance is?


Phone 07 921 3377 to set up an appointment with a Land Management Officer. They will work with you to map out the boundaries of your property/farm and will calculate your NDA.
What do I do after I get my NDA?

If you are currently farming your land you will need to work with a Land Use Advisor to find out what the current state of nitrogen leaching from your property is. The current state will show where you are now and the NDA will show you where you need to be going forward.

What happens once I know what my NDA is and my current state?


The Land Use Advisor that you select will work with you to develop an NMP that shows how you will meet your NDA has been allocated to your property. The NMP can be used to support your application for resource consent if you need one.

What are the benefits of using Land Use Advice & Support?


It is FREE. You are able to get a NMP developed at no cost.

It provides funding to improve farming systems and tap in to innovation.

Rules are not operative yet, why should I sign up to Land Use Advice and Support?


You are encouraged to access this service as soon as possible so that you are prepared for when rules are operative. It allows more time for you to make the changes to your property/farm enterprise as set out in your NMP.

My property is less than 40 hectares so I won't need a resource consent until 2022.  Can I access Advice and Support now?


Yes. Phone 07 921 3377 to arrange a meeting with a Land Management Officer.