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The Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes Programme is responsible for improving and protecting the water quality in the historic Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes. Our work is world renowned, leading the way in lakes water quality management.

The programme is a joint partnership of Rotorua District Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Te Arawa Lakes Trust.

Our goal is to achieve water quality targets set with the community for each of the 12 lakes.

Our actions have improved water quality in Lakes Rotorua, Rotoiti and Rotoehu and water quality is now stable in Rotoma, Okareka, Tikitapu and Rerewhakaaitu.



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The community set a water quality target for Lake Rotorua based on a desire for the level of water quality enjoyed in the 1960s.

Research has indicated that limiting the amount of Nitrogen to 435 tonnes will achieve the water quality target.

Lake Rotorua Nitrogen Rules is a component of the Integrated Framework to meet nitrogen limits alongside the Gorse Conversion Project and Incentives Scheme



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