Lake Rotoiti

Lake Rotoiti

Catfish Incursion 2016

Proactive and reactive surveillance of the Rotorua lakes for catfish and other pest fish has been undertaken by Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Department of Conservation for many years. Despite regular awareness campaigns run to highlight the importance of preventing the spread of pests between waterways, one catfish was caught and one was seen while clearing weed in Te Weta Bay earlier this year in March.


Why is Catfish such an issue?

Catfish are opportunistic predators. They consume a variety of prey including small native fish, fish eggs and invertebrate. They have also been identified as a serious threat to one of our taonga species, koura. They stir up sediment at the bottom of the lake when feeding which can impact water quality. They are hearty little fish that are capable of surviving with limited oxygen, in polluted environments and for long periods out of the water which means they are able to be transported long distances over land.


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