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Nitrogen Management Plans

What is the purpose of a Nitrogen Management Plan?

The purpose of a Nitrogen Management Plan is to identify and document how the Nitrogen Discharge Allowance for a property is to be achieved by 2032. Nitrogen Discharge Allowances will set out how much nitrogen each landowner can legally discharge from their property.

A Nitrogen Management Plan can apply to:

  • An individual property; or,
  • A Farming Enterprise (a group of land parcels in single or multiple ownership that constitute a single farming operation unit)

Who will need a Nitrogen Management Plan?

Nitrogen Management Plans will apply to all properties that require a resource consent under the proposed rules.

Submitting a Nitrogen Management Plan with a resource consent application means that the application would be processed as a controlled activity. In other words, the application must be granted. A 20 year consent term also applies to this type of application, which provides greater certainty for consent holders.

What is in a Nitrogen Management Plan?

Minimum information requirements for Nitrogen Management Plans include:

  • Identifying all sources of nitrogen associated with the property;
  • The Nitrogen Discharge Allowance for the property;
  • A nitrogen budget for the property that matches the current farm system;
  • The range of actions proposed to meet the Nitrogen Discharge Allowance. These would include specific targets and timeframes dates.
  • Current nitrogen losses from the property (supported by an Overseer file where appropriate)
  • Nitrogen Discharge Allowance (NDA) that needs to be met by 2032
  • Actions that will be taken to achieve the NDA (supported by an Overseer file where appropriate)
  • A plan showing managed reductions with stepped targets over time.

The proposed rules provide a comprehensive list of information requirements.

Nitrogen Management Plans must be updated at least every five years.

Who prepares a Nitrogen Management Plan?

Nitrogen Management Plans are prepared with land owners by approved Land Use Advisors.

Funding is available for all affected landowners to have a Nitrogen Management Plan developed by enlisted Land Use Advisors. See more information on Land Use Advice & Support service or email