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Low Nitrogen Land Use Fund

The Low Nitrogen Land Use Fund

The first round of funding for the Low Nitrogen Land Use Fund (LNLUF) was complete in 2016 and it is time for Round Two.

Great information was developed through Round One of the LNLUF (click here for successful projects) and it is now time build on this information through a second round of funding in 2018.


To fund research that assists landowners to reduce nitrogen loss from their properties by providing useful and practical information that is relevant to the Lake Rotorua catchment.

What will be funded

There are three focus areas of research for the fund:

·      How to promote additional uptake of proven existing low nitrogen land uses or farm systems in the Lake Rotorua catchment.

·      How existing low nitrogen land uses or farm systems can be applied to conditions in the Lake Rotorua catchment

·      The potential of new low nitrogen land uses or farm systems to be adopted in the Lake Rotorua catchment

Building on Round One

One project funded in Round One; The Land Use Directory-Tahuri Whenua provides a guide to help land users in the Lake Rotorua catchment evaluate other land use options that may be available to them. These land uses, which now includes agro-tourism, where deemed to show promise for the Lake Rotorua catchment, considering nitrogen leaching, climate and industry factors. This guide could help inform applications for Round 2 of the LNLUF, but is in no way an exhaustive list of options and broad thinking is welcome within the constraints of the Funding Criteria.

Round 2 is broadly seeking applications from land owners, businesses or investors who are interested in establishing new, low leaching land uses in the catchment.  The benefit of implementation on land within the catchment is that it helps demonstrate to others the practical management issues which cannot be learnt through further research.

The sorts of trials or investigation which could be supported include:

·       Mānuka oil or honey plantations

·       Further work on developing a sheep milking industry (subject to enough interest being expressed)

·       Agro- tourism ventures which can replace income from farming

·       New models of farming

·       Any other entrepreneurial venture which generates on-farm income and has an associated reduction in nitrogen

 These are intended as examples only and any applications which meet the Funding Criteria are welcome.

Expression of Interest

Expressions of interests will be open from September 7 until September 28, 2018.  Please email completed Expression of Interest form to email

We recommend that potential applicants refer to the Low Nitrogen Land Use Fund Investment Plan (download here) prior to making an Expression of Interest.



Full Application Form

Regional Council staff will consider expressions of interest and invite those that are deemed promising to make a full application. Click here to download Full Application Form. Full applications must be submitted by November 7, 2018.

We recommend that potential applicants read the Low Nitrogen Land Use Fund Assessment Criteria (pg 5 of Investment Plan)  prior to making an Expression of Interest or completing the Full Application Form.

If you require assistance or further information please contact Anna Grayling (Principle Advisor) email: .




Successful Applicants

An independent assessment panel will evaluate all applications and make recommendations for Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes Strategy Group to endorse. 


For more information email