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The Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes Strategy Group is the overarching management group.  It is made up of elected representatives from Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Te Arawa Lakes Trust and Rotorua Lakes Council for coordinated management of the Rotorua lakes.  A representative from the Ministry for the Environment also attends.

The Group meets four to five times a year to coordinate policy and actions to improve the Rotorua lakes.  It is established in law, as part of the Te Arawa Lakes Settlement. 

Meeting minutes and agendas can be viewed at


Improving water quality in the Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes is only possible through funding.

The Ministry for the Environment has committed $72.1 in a Deed of Funding arrangement for the four priority lakes – Rotorua, Rotoehu, Rotoiti and Okareka. 

Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Rotorua District Council matched this funding with $72.1 for these four lakes, with additional funding for the protection and restoration of the other eight lakes.


Operational decisions on the management of the Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes Programme are made at the Partnership Steering Group.

This group meets monthly and is made up of senior managers from the three partner organisations and the Ministry for the Environment.