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Over the course of a year changing water temperatures within the lake and a lack of oxygen in the deep waters can cause nutrients on the lakebed to release back into the lake.  This can contribute to algal blooms.

The aeration technique, adapted for specific Rotorua conditions, uses compressed air pumped into the lower levels of the lake to mix up lake waters  This helps stop the release of nutrients from the lakebed and can help prevent algal blooms.  We are trialling this in Lake Rotoehu to work out how this innovative intervention can be transferred to Lake Rotorua.

The trial will undertake commissioning testing for flow, velocity and distribution. This will have no effect on lake water quality but will provide the information needed to upgrade the hydrodynamic lake model which the University of Waikato is running.

The trial work in testing the impact on de-stratifying the lake will take place over the summer of 2012/13, and will be dependent on weather conditions as to whether more work is needed. The next step is to test the feasibility on Lake Rotorua.


Ecological Monitoring of Artificial Destratification Effects in Lake Rotoehu: 2014-2015