Lake Rotorua

Lake Rotorua

What is in place to clean up Lake Rotorua

An integrated framework was set up to deliver Lake Rotorua’s sustainable nitrogen limit of 435 tonnes per year. Science tells us that we need to reduce nitrogen from entering the lake by 320 tonnes.

Rules and incentives will be used to achieve the required nitrogen reductions from land use.




New rules have been developed to achieve a 140-tonne reduction of nitrogen from land use. 

The rules which have been set allow a Nitrogen Discharge Allocation for each property.

Landowners will have until 2032 to meet their individual nitrogen allocation.

Gorse leaches 38kg/ha of nitrogen into the earth. So we are working with landowners to remove gorse from their properties. 

A $2.5 Gorse Conversion fund is available to assist land owners to remove gorse from their properties.

A $40 million incentive fund has been designed to permanently remove 100 tonnes of nitrogen from entering Lake Rotorua.

Regional Council has until 2022 to achieve the 100-tonne target.











The remaining 50 tonnes will need to come from engineering solutions. Bay of Plenty Regional Council has completed trials at Tikitere using zeolite to remove nitrogen from geothermal sources and is investigating further engineering solutions to reach the 50-tonne target.